Support for your Libido


Keep the sparkle in your love life with safe, natural support

Loss of libido, or sex drive, is more common than many people realise. It affects both men and women, impacting on relationships and causing anything from mild dissatisfaction to distress and embarrassment.

It is often thought of as something that effects people as they age, but in fact it can occur at any time during life. It is a fact that the years do diminish the amount of sex hormones the body produces, so it is natural perhaps to 'slow down', but certainly not inevitable!

A healthy sex life stems from a healthy life - the fitter you are, the sexier you are - so taking good care of your overall health is really important if you want the passion to stay kindled.


If you are having issues with your libido, if could be due to a number of factors, including:

  • personal, work-related or physical stress
  • exhaustion due to poor sleep or overwork
  • depression or problems in your relationship
  • too much alcohol or other recreational activity
  • some medications - read the leaflet that comes with them to see if it's listed
  • some physical conditions such as the approach of the menopause or an underactive thyroid for instance
  • carrying excess weight, which can impact on your confidence as well as your performance.

If you feel that one of the above could be a factor then it is certainly worth seeking help from your medical practitioner.

However, maybe you prefer to seek a gentle, natural nutritional solution, in which case our libido-supporting supplements could be perfect for you.

Formulated after extensive research and using entirely natural extracts and compounds, both Formula X and Herbal vY are ideal for the man seeking to revitalise his love life without having to resort to artificial drugs. With NO risk of side-effects both these supplements work by stimulating the natural elements in the body that cause us to feel sexy, in a natural, safe way.

You can find out more about Formula X and Herbal xY by clicking here.

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