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  • It is essential to eat a well balanced diet - eat foods from all food groups every day.

  • Choose high quality food - ideally organic, definitely fresh, whole-foods and unprocessed. The more 'alive' your food is, the more nutrition, energy and vitality you will get from it.

  • Increase your dietary fibre intake by eating more wholegrain products, fruit and raw vegetables.

  • Eat nutritionally dense foods as hunger is more quickly satisfied which naturally leads to less food being eaten. Superfoods are a fantastic and effective nutritionally dense addition to any diet.

  • Do eat breakfast. This is the most important meal of your day.'Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen, and supper like a pauper'.

  • Avoid eating a concentrated starch (bread, potatoes, beans or rice) with a concentrated protein (meat, fish, products or nuts) at the same meal.

  • Do have at least one carbohydrate and one protein-based meal a day.

  • Decrease fat intake by trimming all visible fat off meat and removing chicken skin before preparation - bake, boil, steam, or grill food instead of frying or deep-frying.

  • Decrease saturated fat intake by avoiding animal fats such as dairy products.

  • Cut down salt intake by reducing the amount you use in food preparation, and avoid processed, cured and pickled foods. The best salt is a 100% natural Himalayan Rock Salt as it contains many minerals that are actually good for the body.

  • Always enjoy a large salad with your meal (which rates as neutral food and can be happily combined with either a starch or a protein food) at least once a day. This is the best possible way of giving your body the nutrition it needs to rebalance and rebuild itself, and restore optimal metabolism.

  • Eat lots (and lots) of 'high-water' foods - raw, fresh fruit and vegetables. Your body is 70% water, so for it to detoxify itself and restore normal cell function, 50-75% of your daily diet needs to be made up of high-water foods.

  • Make salads and vegetable meals the 80% of your daily diet, and meat, poultry, and dairy products no more than 20%.

  • When you eat fruit - eat it before your meal. If eaten after a meal, fruit sugar will stay in the stomach for too long and ferment, causing gas.

  • Eat smaller meals and if you need to, eat in between meals; gently graze. You can happily eat healthy, fresh, raw foods all day long. Trail Mixes are great nutritious snacks for the whole family.

  • Do not eat refined carbohydrates such as white bread, pastries, cakes, and sweets etc. which are all full of sugar.

  • Steer clear of sugar. Use healthier alternatives such as Xylitol, raw honey, agave syrup, and yes - you can buy them in supermarkets!

  • Avoid coffee, tea and alcohol and all fizzy drinks (including water). They are high in toxins; chemicals, sugar, and carbon dioxide and will hamper fat burning. Instead drink plenty of filtered or mineral water and herbal teas.

  • Drink more water. There is no right amount of water to drink, but generally the bigger and more active you are, the more you should drink. By increasing the amount of water you drink you can significantly reduce cravings, aches and pains and increase your energy. To make drinking it easier choose a glass that you enjoy using, and drink the water at room temperature. It really does make a difference.

  • However - do not drink water less than 20 minutes before or after a meal, otherwise you flush away your precious enzymes that digest the food.

  • Do make time for exercise; at least 30 minutes, four times a week. Take a brisk walk, cycle, swim - anything that increases your heart rate. Regular exercise spurs the release of toxicity, boosts the metabolism, firms the body and improves your ability to handle stress.

Health Disclaimer

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