Men 50+ - time to act!

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They call it 'the Third Age' - that point when the big 5-0 looms, and you start to realise that it may be time to grow up! 

In all seriousness, our bodies do undergo a series of changes as we grow older. The approach or arrival of a man's fifties brings a time when he needs to pay a little more attention to certain aspects of his health.

We’ve trawled through medical reports , magazine articles and sourced the best advice to share with you.

Please click on the links below for additional good, solid health tips,advice and share some interesting facts and stories from men in their 50’s who are having fun and enjoying life to the full.


TOP FOUR TIPS for making your ‘Third Age’ your BEST age!

• Eat well

  • If you want the tiger in your tank to keep roaring you have to feed him the right food!
  • Take a look at some good dietary advice and give yourself the best chance to stay young, live well with plenty of vitality.
  • Enjoy the good life.
  • Consider introducing daily supplements to ensure you are reaching your mximum nutritional intake.
  • Remember it is necessary to achieve a well balanced diet if you want to live long and stay strong!!!

• Exercise

  • We have all heard the saying 'if you don't use it you lose it'
  • You are a fantastic piece of organic engineering and movement is an essential part of maintaining optimum health in many ways.
  • Stiffness,'middle-aged spread' and slowing down are NOT the inevitable price we pay for getting older. Barring medical conditions of course, the reason we stiffen up and stop moving is because we choose to!
  • Choose exercise that suits you - go for a walk, dig your garden, help with the housework, think about getting back in the pool - swimming is fantastic all round exercise.
  • If the gym is your thing, get down there and lift some weights.
  • Keep moving and your body will last a lot longer, and in far better condition, than you might expect.

• Drink!

  • No, not alcohol - alcohol dehydrates you, and chronic long-term dehydration is one of the hidden health problems a huge number of us suffer with.
  • Drink water. About two litres a day is a good target, spread throughout the day - more if you're very active.
  • If you don't like water - find a way to get it in anyway - add a little juice or squash if you have to, make it a hot herbal tea, but find your way to make it possible.
  • Of course you can drink a little alcohol, but those limits are good guidelines for keeping yourself healthy into your Fourth or even Fifth age!

• Know Yourself

By which we mean, know your body, know how it works, and notice if something changes. Are your sleep patterns disturbed? Are you suffering digestive problems, or getting unexplained pains? How are you feeling emotionally? That’s a question that has most men squirming, but low mood or depression can set in gradually, can effect you and your family more than you realise, and could be an indication that something physical is not right.

Is your energy lower than usual? Has your ‘get-up-and-go’ got up and gone?

Keep an eye on your waterworks too - are you urinating more than usual, or having trouble while you do it? Is something not quite right, but you’re not sure what?

If there’s something niggling you, don’t do that ‘man up’ thing - go to the doctor! If there is one thing men are really good at ignoring, it's the signs and signals that something may be awry with their health - it's true, isn't it gentlemen? Please, don’t let potential embarrassment, or the fact that there’s usually a woman at the surgery reception desk stop you.

Your health and well being are far too important. To quote the NHS website, ‘British men are paying the price for neglecting their health: more than 100,000 men a year die prematurely.’

That’s a big number - don’t join it - start living better for yourself and your family, and get checked out!

Links to sites that offer you advice and information about taking the best care of yourself:

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The Huffington Post - aging gracefully!

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