Seaweed Gels


Why are Seaweed Gels so effective?

  Scientists have concluded that seaweeds offer perhaps the broadest range of minerals of any food found on earth, as they contain virtually all the nutrients found in the ocean and the very same minerals as are found in human blood.
That goodness is preserved in the seaweed-based gels that we offer, demonstrating that you don’t need to eat it to benefit from seaweed’s marvellous properties - the positive properties can also be absorbed through your skin.

Dermal absorption - the quickest and most effective way to benefit from our Gels

The human skin is a wonderful thing. It’s the largest organ you have, and it’s fantastically good at regulating temperature and keeping you protected from the outside world. Your skin is also very permeable to certain substances - and one of the best means of getting some types of beneficial element into you is by means of ‘dermal absorption’ - through the skin.

Given that your skin will accept and absorb the creams and lotions that you put on it, it’s important to make sure that you use natural preparations - products that are formulated using only ingredients that are compatible with your system and which are good for you.

All our creams and lotions are made with natural ingredients, ensuring that you know you are applying something to your skin that is free from chemicals and harmful trace elements.

Seaweed - a nutritional powerhouse!

Most of our gels are seaweed-based preparations. Seaweed is now widely acknowledged to be one of the most nutritious and all-round amazing foods on earth. But you don't need to eat it to benefit from it's marvellous properties - the goodness of seaweed can also be absorbed through your skin.
In fact, dermal absorption is sometimes the quickest and most effective way of reaching an area of the body that requires care.
Put our lotions to the test - they are subject to our 100% money-back guarantee, alongside our supplements. We know how effective our products are and we’re happy to offer you this risk-free opportunity to feel the difference they can make!

Our range of Gels

BLT (Bums, Legs and Thighs)

This gel is designed to minimise the 'orange peel' appearance of cellulite, and to make your skin appear firmer and smoother. It does this by introducing nutrients into your skin that drain, firm and smooth it. These nutrients work in a number of ways to stimulate the growth of collagen - the connective tissue beneath your skin that leads to a smooth appearance. As your collagen regains its elasticity, your skin appears smoother. The natural ingredients in our gels also support and strengthen the blood capillaries in your skin, allowing your body to nourish the tissues more effectively, and drain away water and toxins. The combined effect of these actions is a smoother, firmer appearance and texture to your skin.

Natural Muscle Gel

  The ability of seaweed gels to stimulate the micro-circulatory system below your skin allows your muscles to receive more of the compounds it needs to relieve inflammation and repair tired and aching muscles.
The relaxing and therapeutic action of the gel brings quick and welcome nourishment directly to the areas of your body that have been working hard.


  The anti-inflammatory action of seaweed gel can quickly help to relieve some of the underlying causes of pain in the joints of the body.

TLG (Tired Legs Gel)

  Whilst the precise cause of Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), which leads to tired or jumpy legs, is not fully understood, TLG seaweed gel is proven to directly relieve some of the annoying and often distressing symptoms, allowing sufferers to relax and sleep well.

RLS often strikes at the end of the day, as sufferers are trying to relax or sleep, and it can lead to sleepless hours for them and their sleeping partners! TLG provides quick relief and allows a more restful start to a good night's sleep.
You can read more about RLS here.
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