Nutrition and the Human Body


Nutritional Supplements - Why do we need them?

Every so often, there will be a news report about supplements - generally it will focus on whether they are needed, and on the whole, we have come to expect to hear a doctor of some kind pronouncing that ‘supplements are entirely unnecessary, you can get everything you need from a healthy, balanced diet’.

There are two reasons to challenge that statement.

  • The first is that so few of us, even with the best will in the world, manage to eat a healthy, balanced diet anymore - and a fully optimised diet that gives you all the best nutrition you need is even harder to achieve.

  • The second is that with intense modern farming and production methods, much of the nutrition in our food is compromised - even when we make apparently 'healthy' choices.

You don't usually need to wait too long before there is another news report about a health scare associated with a lack of the nutritional basics, with another health professional pronouncing that supplementation is the answer. The recent scares about lack of Vitamin D leading to a recurrance of Ricketts - a disease we had long thought consigned to history - is just one example.

What our supplements and Raw Foods supply you with is not 'medicine' - it's simply good, solid nutrition. The best possible fuel for your body! The specialist nutrition delivered in our supplements is designed to ensure that you are supported in your desire for good, ongoing health.

You'll find a great report on the reasons why supplementation is so important on our Free Downloads page - just click here to find it.

The best possible foundation

There's just no getting away from the basics. The best advice to anyone looking for better health - whether it's weight loss, bags of energy or a feel of wellbeing that you're seeking - is to eat well, drink water and take exercise...
  How often have you heard that and groaned?!
We here at NutriHealth and Wholesale Nutrition will echo that advice every time!
Food is the fuel that allows your body to function, and the better the fuel the better the function.
Water is massively important to us - and is hugely underrated by most people who are walking around suffering from chronic, long-term dehydration.
Exercise is what keeps us strong and mobile - we are physical machines and we need to keep moving if we're not going to rust in the corner!

For a lot of us, the words 'diet' and 'exercise' conjure up images of 'lettuce' and 'gym' - when for most people it simply means 'a little less' of what's not helping, and 'a little more' of what's good for you! No-one needs to give up entirely any one food or other - it might be that you need to save it for a treat, but there is nothing you can't eat - in moderation.   
  Far too many people reject the idea of drinking just water out of hand. We've been trained to like coffee, tea, soft drinks, alcohol.... none of which are of benefit to us, and some of which are positively harmful in large enough quantities.

If that's something you struggle with - if 'drinking water' sounds like a chore, a bore, or just 'yuk' - the best place to start trying to alter your thinking is to really understand what water does for us. Take a look at what water does for your body, your brain and your wellbeing - check out 'The Water Report' on our free downloads page.
By developing an understanding of why water is so important and why it's crucial to your good health... well, you will begin to apprciate it, and maybe take a new, more appreciative look at a glass of water!

You'll find more about healthy eating, clean, clear water and great exercise on our Healthy Living page.
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