Nutrition - the fuel that feeds and fixes our bodies.

It is only possible to achieve a fully energetic, optimal life by taking care with what you eat and drink, and ensuring that your body is getting all the nutrients it needs.
A balanced diet is essential - and supplementation can really help you to achieve the best level of nutrition possible.
  • Our popular Multiplus is more than a multi-vitamin - it contains many essential minerals too.

  • Both Pro-Zyme and Zyme-Rite are excellent sources of essential enzymes - delicate nutrients which are easily destroyed by processing and cooking and which are therefore often deficient in any diet.

  • Organic Atlantic Mix Seaweed Capsules contain a wonderful mixture of all the Irish seaweeds, and are a highly nutritious supplement for general use.
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Multiplus is a multi vitamin, multi mineral and herb food supplement, packed full of goodness.
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