Good Night Snore Stop
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Good Night Snore Stop

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Goodnight Stop Snore Spray is formulated to help alleviate snoring.
Stop Snore is created using a patented natural formula - a blend of four natural oils, Vitamins C, E and B6, uniquely and specifically combined to help snorers, and their partners, to sleep better.

Fact: Snoring affects over 40% of adult males. Anyone who snores often does not realise the disruption their sleeping companion endures. Indeed, many snorers are blissfully unaware of the decibel levels they attain while asleep. And without realising why, snorers tend to feel groggy in the morning, as a result of lower oxygen intake.
Goodnight Snore Stop Spray has been specifically created to help snorers (and their partners) to enjoy a comfortable and oxygen filled night!
Furthermore, if you suffer with allergies Goodnight Stop Snore Spray may also help as it contains a mixture of Vitamins C, E and B6 - which are all great for assisting with the alleviation of allergies.

The Benefits of Good Night Stop Snore

  • Natural relief from snoring

  • Easy to use - works quickly for both men and women

  • Open air passages allows you to have a quieter night and wake up fresher

  • Works for up to 8 hours at a time

The usual snoring that most of us are aware of is a result of the uvula (the dangly piece of flesh at the back of the throat) relaxing and becoming inactive, thereby blocking the air passage. This makes the snorer breathe in harder, causing the uvula to vibrate as the air is forced past, leading to the distinctive noise.
Goodnight Stop Snore Spray works by coating the soft tissues and walls of the throat, making them taut. This decreases the vibrations, thus diminishing the noise. The carefully formulated ingredients gently envelop the air passage to enable clearer breathing throughout the night. The design of the nozzle used with the bottle helpfully directs the contents onto the area where it is needed the most.
Goodnight Stop Snore Spray works for up to 8 hours at a time, allowing you to get a full night's sleep.

Additional Information

Directions for use:
- Shake bottle for at least 15 seconds every time you use this product.
- Insert nozzle onto the head of the spray.
- Spray contents 3-4 times to the back of the throat before retiring for the night.
- Detach the nozzle from the head, rinse with lukewarm water and put it back in the box.
Please note:If you have a medical condition such as sleep apnoea, please consult your health practitioner as this product is not suitable.

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