A warm welcome to Nutri-Health!

We have one very simple mission: we want to help every one of our customers to move closer to their best state of health and wellbeing.

That's why, alongside our excellent products, you'll find us supplying you with enlightening and empowering information, support, tips and tools.

Nutri-Health has been providing customers with high-quality wellbeing products for decades! However, we're not resting on our laurels, and joining forces with our sister companies, Wholesale Nutrition and HealthScope, combining our premises, resources and knowledge is creating a stronger business, and a better customer service than ever before.

The more informed you are, the better choices you can make for yourself, your family and your life.

Providing great service

One of the aspects of our business that we’re very proud of is that we answer the telephone! You’ve probably had experience of buying online - but if you want to speak to a person, there’s no phone number to be found!

We don't believe that's the way to do business. Instead we are pleased to say we have a great team in the office who are happy to answer questions, or take orders by telephone.

You can call us free of charge in the UK on Freephone 0845 17 45 45.

We're also happy to answer questions by email if you send them to or send us your order and payment details to and we'll get straight on to it.

Buying online is more secure than ever before - you can be sure that our encrypted payment system is safe to use, and the fastest way to get your order to us. is so much more than a shop - we promise to bring you the most cutting edge products and information in the world of health and wellbeing.

All of the exclusive and Wholesale Nutrition food supplements adhere to current EU legislation and remain as effective as they were originally.

Our Team

Angus Jones, Owner and Manager of Nutri-Health, Wholesale Nutrition and HealthScope
Angus is a passionate advocate of good health, and believes in providing his customers with everything that they need - knowledge, motivation and support, as well as the products - to achieve the very best, most energetic and vibrant life possible.
Lynne Potgeiter - Customer Service
As the main point of contact for Nutri-Health customers, Lynne has been dealing with orders and enquiries ever since the companies merged. This involved learning about an expanded range of products, and Lynne is now happy to tell all our customers about the benefits of the combined ranges of supplements, plus Raw Foods and Water Filter systems.
Melissa Jones - Customer Service
Melissa has worked for Wholesale Nutrition for 7 years and has a thorough knowledge of the range of supplements and their benefits. She loves chatting to and dealing with the customers who call the office, and with the launch of the new website, she’s looking forward to being busier than ever and providing the same high standard of service to many new customers.
  Louise Castle - Dispatch and Customer Liaison
Louise has made the dispatch department her domain. She's learnt a lot about the products in her year with the company, and is more than happy chatting to customers about what they need, before making sure their order goes off in the post on time. Louise is looking forward to the website being updated, and bracing herself for a flood of new orders! 
  Sandy Smith - Customer Relationship Manager
After many years living and working in Florida, Sandy returned to her native UK last year, and has been a perfect fit in the role of Customer Relationship Manager for NutriCom. After throwing herself into helping the team get the website up and running, she is really looking forward to honing and improving what the combined companies are able to offer, using the power of the internet. Her priorities are to deliver great value and excellent service, alongside brilliant products and support.
Daniel Smith - Warehouse Manager
Dan's role is to take care of the warehouse, ensuring stocks of products are monitored and kept up to date and stored securely. He's the type of guy who can turn his hand to any job that needs doing, including getting a tarpaulin over the roof when a tree came crashing down on an outlying part of the building in November!
  Sue Portman - Website Strategy and Content
Sue has spent many years learning a vast amount about internet marketing, and how websites can deliver fantastic value to their customers. The chance to work with Angus on developing a brand new Nutri-Health web shop was just too good an opportunity to miss, and she is now a big part of the development team, working closely with Sandy to perfect the presentation. Sue says that this is an exciting time to be working on a great project in a progressive company such as NutriCom.

  Steve Underwood - Design
Steve is responsible for creating much of the great style and lovely presentation of the new site. He’s a graphic and web designer of long-standing, and talented to boot! Whenever we need to present a new product, idea or service, Steve comes up with attractive solutions. He’s an integral part of the web development team and is looking forward to continually improving and developing the site now that it’s launched.

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